About entremediopr.com/images

Introduced to photography in 2000 by Luis "Belleza" Velez and Daileen Joan
while making an album cover in the famous Tony Vera's Studio in Santurce,
Puerto Rico. In that shot I enjoy more to be behind the camera that in front
of it like the past 12 years as an music artist. Then in 2001 the same happened
while making another album cover in Florida,USA this time guide and worked by
Luis "Belleza" Velez and Kike San Martin. After that in 2002 I started working as
a graphic artist and most of the time had to do the photos for the graphic work
I was doing. By 2004 till 2012 I have done a lot of photojournalist for a local
newspaper and commercial work for a local Magazines. Now my work is on
Commercial and Social Event Photography.

Of course, for me to contact you I need to know you exist, so feel free to say
hi if you would like to work with me.

Please contact me at (787)922-9244 (if I don't answer, please text me) also
email me at entremedioimages@gmail.com

Also Visit my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/entremedioimages
J. Crespo - Senior Photographer/Founder



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